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The European Webmaster Association acts as advisor for the development of the CMS. Webmasters Europe recommends as Web Content Management System.

Technical Requirements

  • Platform: Independent (Application Service Provided), whenn installation on own server: Unix/Linux-Apache/PHP or Windows IIS with PHP4Win
  • Database: MySQL
  • User Clients: Browser IE 4 or higher
  • Visitor clients: all usual browsers
  • Web based administration

Technical Possibilities

  • Integration of existing websites
  • Replacement of existing websites
  • Database calls to retrieve contents
  • Search engine feed
  • Content syndication
  • Automatic HTML file generation
  • APIs

Living web pages with is more than just a data system. It's an advanced web publishing system which was developed with focus on editorial environment. offers even publishing services like researching, writing and proofreading German texts in order to update contents on a customer's website.

The system has an interface in English and can be localized into other languages.

Nice and Easy

Article Editor - add, edit, block, publish and delete text articles, incl. work flows to control and release.

Category Management - sort contents in their appropriate categories.

Information Packs - automatic generation of a dossier like compilation of articles from different categories, groups and sites into one "package".

Template Management - comfortable handling of styles, text flows and templates.

RSS Export/Import - Content syndication in RSS format and even Javascript format.

What's the price?

There are four CMS-sizes:
  • Bronze for homepages (from 7 /month)
  • Silver for websites (from 65  /month)
  • Gold for portals (from 2,480  /month)
  • Platinum for large entities as server installation (fixed price 58,000 .)

All prices excl. VAT 19%
More information about pricing and services:
Contact Michael Schmidt, +49 170 528 62 66

About us

Michael SchmidtThe founder and project manager for is Michael Schmidt, certified webmaster, web developer and web designer (WOW, World Organization of Webmasters). He was involved in a variety of web projects, including public service assignments in multi-lingual environments (Radio Sweden).

Thorsten DrönnerThe easier for the user, the more difficult for the programmer. Computer scientist Thorsten Drönner leads the technical work. Droenner was a teacher at the renowned Webmasters Akademie in Germany and developed the academy's curriculae for web development. He has long experience of program development and databases.

Michael Gehring
Advanced web design needs more than technical know-how. It needs an eye for color and proportion. Michael Gehring has long experience in media, print and art design. He takes care of our customer's advanced design
needs like Flash and video production.

Content Management

  • Edit mode (direkt editing in page preview)
  • Image archive
  • Slide show generator
  • File archive
  • Meta data management
  • Index word management
  • Action Codes for special programming
  • Multimedia embedment
  • Relating links
  • Automatic links
  • Manual links
  • Dossier generation
  • Automatic ticker(News Headlines)
  • Automatic teasers(banners)
  • Ticker and teaser syndication via Javascript and RSS

Workflow Management

  • Workgroups
  • Role system (Author, Editor, Webmaster etc.)
  • Message Center (notifications)
  • Auto archiving
  • Auto versioning


  • Global style definitions
  • Semiglobal group definitions
  • Corporate Identity integration
  • User defined templates
  • Template management

Navigation / Sitemaps

  • Automatic navigations
  • Automatic sitemaps
  • Automatic generation of Google Sitemaps


  • Separation of production server and life server
  • Auto-backup daily, weekly, monthly
  • Manual backup possible
  • Backup exported to CSV file


Michael Schmidt
S.P.U.R. GmbH
Ittendorferstr. 11
D-88709 Hagnau
Phone: 0049 170 528 62 66
Fax: 0049 7532 25 09