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These and more resources in our special collection:

For Web Professionals...

GOOGLE - The Number One Search Engine
SOOPLE - all you can do with Google but didn't know...
Altavista - Good search engine with video search
Alltheweb - Also very good index and video search, news search
Yahoo! - Not a search engine but a portal with personalization.
ixquick Meta Search Engine (with international phone directory)
Dogpile A senior meta searcher and loyal friend!

Specific searches could be more effifient with the following data bases...

 Ready Reference 
Hypertext Webster Gateway

Exact Approx
WIKIPEDIA the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit The Internet Archive is building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. Like a paper library, it provides free access to researchers, historians, scholars, and the general public.

 FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions 
The Usenet FAQ Archives

 Telephone Numbers, Yellow Books 
Telephone directory Germany Find anyone anywhere in the world...
Yellow Pages Germany | Yellow Pages Sweden KnowX (USA) public record information
EUROPAGES the European Business Directory
 Politics & Society 
Svenska Institutet Information about Sweden
PARLINE Interparliamentary Search The PARLINE database (a derivative of Parliaments on-Line) has been developed by the Inter-Parliamentary Union and is regularly updated on the basis of official information provided by national Parliaments.
Document Archive of the German Parliament
Politikerscreen Facts and background info concerning politicians (Germany) US Governmental web page search
Federal Statistic Office (Germany) | Linkservice (international)
EuroStat (EU) | FedStats statistics links (USA) | National Statistics (UK)

CIA World Factbook Facts about any country (facts the CIA let us know...), covering exclusively U.S. Military web sites, maintains its lead with the largest index of the .mil domain.
Nukefix This page is designed to facilitate nuclear weapons research on the Internet

News-Service for Historians (Germany)

Discount Hotel Reservation
 LOGOS non solo parole

Italian based multilingual dictionary
»This freely-accessible database is growing constantly because it's updated and corrected online by Logos´ network of professional translators. As an ongoing and interactive project, Logos Dictionary is inevitably prone to errors and will never be complete, but with your contributions and corrections we can improve it and expand it faster. « 
 OneLook Dictionaries 
Cambridge Dictionaries Development Group is associated with the FIND project: you can contribute your own terms to the database... 
 University of Innsbruck 
Homepage Terminology Database of the reputed School for Translators, Interpreters and Linguists.
Source Language: German  English  Italian  French  Spanish
Max. Hits Complete Entry   Definition Term 
LEO English–German
Online dictionary of the Univerity of Munich with more than 250,000 entries TU Chemnitz (180.000 W.)
TU Dresden (190.000 W.)
 Online Rough Translations 
Altavista – Babelfish

 EU Translation Resources 
TIS - Terminology Info System TIS on the Web is a simplified version of the terminological database used by terminologists and translators working in The General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union
CORDIS Acronym Database
EURODICAUTOM Eurodicautom is the European Commissions multilingual term bank.

ISO International | NSSN Global Standards | ANSI USA | CEN Europe | AENOR Spain | AFNOR France | UNI Italy | DIN  CE-Zeichen Germany | BSi United Kingdom | GOST Russia | SCC Canada

 Other Resources 

Eura-Lex The Stuttgart Universitie´s extensive language and subject glossary link collection, compiled with »German precision«
Terminology Collection A Collection of Online Dictionaries and Glossaries. By Anita Nuopponen, University of Vaasa, a pioneer of online terminology resource service. - Ein Wörterbuch für englisch-deutsche, deutsch-englische Redewendungen (Redensarten, Floskeln, Sprichwörter, geflügelte Worte etc.).
 News Search
BBC News | The New York Times | TIMES Online | CNN Europe | NEWSNOW Breaking news from around the world. Five minute updates.
European Central Bank Valuta | WORLD PRESS REVIEW Online | WorldNews.Com | NewsIndex (engl.)

 Online News Archives 
Berliner Zeitung since may 1994

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time span (
CNN Archives
New York Times | Time Magazine